3 MAJOR Mistakes Ministry Leaders Make When Writing Books

  1. Not planning the marketing of the book
    1. Maybe your book is based on a Sermon series
    2. NOW…make it a Bible study series
    3. MAKE IT A Devotional guide
    4. CREATE Social media CAMPAIGNS (inside and outside your ministyr)


  1. Not arranging distribution
    1. Sister churches
    2. Friends of the ministry
    3. Website specific to your book but linked to your ministry (popup)


  1. Not respecting the fact that writing is NOT preaching!
    1. Writing is a different dynamic – it offers the reader more “time” to digest
    2. Don’t copy a sermon series verbatim; you must embellish and include deeper study opps
    3. Don’t try to make the reader shout; make them think and change


What are your thoughts? What are your experiences? Share here!