5 Tips for Writing a Book that Makes Dollars & Sense

  1. Your book must provide value to the reader
    1. What does the marketplace need (that you can provide)?
    2. How does your book [specifically] help your reader?
    3. Does your book educate? Inspire? Inform? Empower?


  1. Your book must be authentic…it should be:
    1. Birthed out of passion, experience, expertise (Spiritual autobiography)
    2. Believable
    3. Honest (Do you truly DESIRE to help people through your book?)


  1. Your book must be relevant…its should be:
    1. Well researched
    2. Well written


  1. Your book must be professional…consider carefully:
    1. Category/type of book
    2. Printing quality
    3. Cover
    4. The competition


  1. Your book must be accessible… consider how you stack up in the marketplace as it relates to:
  • length
  • format
  • price
  • marketing
  • promotion
  • sales locations? Distribution


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