Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to produce my book?**
12 to 16 weeks from initial approved outline (average).
**Includes core product development based on your concept/message and your style. 
How much will it cost to produce my book? (NO SURPRISES)

*Ghostwriting fees (determined at the beginning of the project, based on length and complexity of project). 
Normal fees: $3750 up
(Down payment – 50%. Balance payable in bi-monthly installments.) 
*Average length of book: 100 – 130 pp.(approx. 20,000 words).
Editing fees -between $200-$275 (for the entire book)
Design fees – between $500 – $750
Printing costs – Average $3.50 – $4.50/per book (based on quantity ordered and number of pages, etc).

What Additional FEES/Services should I expect?

*copyediting, *transcriptions, *interior formatting, *cover design, *photo shoot (if needed), *ISBN, *book printing, *ebook creation, *audiobook creation, *devotional/workbook/video (NOTE: Fees are negotiated with industry experts and submitted for prior approval/).

What is the process of developing the book?

As the author, your concept will be the driver for the book. You will collaborate with Dr. Hairston on the format, chapter names, flow and style of the book.
Once the framework for your book is in place, you will speak with Dr. Hairston in interviews to create all the material for the book. Dr. Hairston’s team will also do research, where appropriate to add any pertinent information/statistics, etc to your book (pending your approval).