In many children, “hidden” potential often hides in plain sight. As these children grow, they go through various stages of development, but many times their parents, neighbors and teachers don’t quite understand them!

In “Stop Scott,” Scott seems to live in a perpetual behavioral mode of hyperactivity, replete with pranks and other antics. Trouble is his constant companion, and not a day goes by when doesn’t hear the reprimand, “STOP SCOTT!”

In fact, “Stop” seems part of his given name! But despite his many missteps and mistakes, his father is always there to forgive, reassure, guide and remind Scott that deep inside, he really is a “good” boy and his father’s love is unconditional.

Scott’s adventures mirror the fact that no matter what happens in our lives, our Heavenly Father is always there to forgive us and reassure us of His abiding love.

Stop Scott