“Unstoppable” is the story of an incredible entrepreneurial journey. It chronicles the life of a daring young African American woman, Teresa Hairston, a single mom raising three children and working three jobs. She only had $300 to invest in her dream. But, with tremendous odds stacked against her, she boot-strapped her way to a successful media conglomerate that produced Gospel Today Magazine, “America’s #1 Christian Lifestyle Magazine.”

Hairston founded the magazine in 1989 and grew it from a humble newsletter to a media empire that spanned the globe in print, TV and online. In 2011, she turned the business over to her son. Her story is one of faith and fortitude. Today, she continues to mentor others to help them understand that “when God gives you a vision, He will make the provision!”

Prepare yourself for this insightful and inspiring story you can use to turn your own dreams into reality.

“Unstoppable” Perspectives:
“Gospel Today was very sophisticated and at the same time it had the theological aspect to it that I found to be marvelous. I first thought, “Here is a ‘Gospel Ebony,’ but it turned out that it stood on its own two feet independent of any other influence.”
Bishop Noel Jones, Pastor/International Christian Leader

“The legacy of both Teresa Hairston and Gospel Today (and there could be no Gospel Today without her), was her tenacity and perseverance.
Byron Cage, Award winning Gospel recording artist

“In so many instances, our faith community has relied and depended upon others to tell our stories. Very rarely in our history, have we been in control of our own narrative. Gospel Today afforded us the opportunity to not only be in control of our narrative, but to give voice to that narrative, and to actually populate that narrative with our own unique perspective.”
Bishop Andy Lewter, Historian, Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship International

“Outside of the Gospel world, Gospel music world, or even African-Americans, Gospel Today informed and helped educate a lot of people.”
Lou Ann Sabatier, Publishing Consultant

“Gospel Today led the way for African American Christian magazines. It was done with excellence. It provided information and it gave people the things that were necessary to take the African American community to the next level where we could all be proud. Others have tried to follow, but Dr. Teresa Hairston laid the foundation.”
Bishop Paul Morton, Founder, Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship International.

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