Words are an important part of life. When children are born into the world, within months, their grasp of language becomes vital to their ability to communicate their needs and desires. On the other end of the spectrum, when people depart this world, their last words are often the most powerful and expressive utterances of their existence.
In this ground-breaking book, Dr. Ford exposes you to the depth of power available in your words; but not just any words! No, you must be precise and intentional about the words you choose to speak. Words of power must align and echo Biblical truth and point specifically to situations and circumstances.
Many believers miss the opportunity to tap into this realm of power! It’s not enough to be able to speak! Just as your natural communication ability evolves, so it is with your spiritual communication! This book provides the understanding that you need to unlock a level of power that will change your life!
Say It Before you See It